Thursday, July 27, 2017

Things that are Hard

You want to know what's hard?  Unfair judgement.  Assumptions.  Stereotypes.  I'll make this short because I don't like to complain but sometimes, I just have to say it.  Just because I don't leave my house, to drive to a different location, to check in on a time clock, to perform different tasks for someone else, to then receive a paycheck for these duties, and then return home at the end of a certain amount of time, doesn't mean that I don't work and doesn't mean that my schedule isn't completely filled most of the time and that I'm not completely exhausted most of the time by all of the many things that I accomplish each day.  I find myself continuously rearranging MY schedule to accomodate others...sometimes this is for my children, for my husband, for the church and my busy church calling, for employees who work for us, for my own parents and extended family members.  I find more often than not that others ASSUME that I don't have anything else going on that could or should stop me from the things that they are needing/wanting at the time.  My latest example is that I am currently serving as my ward's Relief Society President.  What a tremendous responsibility, especially considering the fact that I am the mother of 7 children, all of which are currently at home and my youngest just barely turned 3.  I have been serving in this compacity since my baby was 14 months old.  On average, I spend about 20 hours a week serving the sisters in my ward and fulfilling my responsibilities.  I know that they don't know or understand how much sacrifice this takes.  Some of them think that they do, I can tell by the criticism they freely give, or little snide comments that they make.  It wears on me.  I have a 4 year university degree, and I chose not to pursue my masters degree and a career because I decided that the most important thing that I could do with my life was to be a full time mother, to give all of my time and energy in raising my children to the best of my ability.  Because of this decision, Andy and I have had to scrimp and save and go without many, many things that other families have.  This church calling has required me to sacrifice that which is the MOST valuable thing that I have in my possession, the most valuable thing that I could ever sacrifice for the Lord, and that is TIME with my children and family.  I know that people judge me and look down their noses at me, and that they assume many incorrect things about me.  It gets so very old.  I wish we could all just learn to give each other the same respect that we desire.  We are all different.  Everyone has a busy schedule, with important things on their schedule.  Just because they are different doesn't mean that one's schedule is more expendable than another's.  We should treat everyone and their time as a very precious commodity.  No one has it easy.  Everyone faces extremely challenging situations, everyone has heartaches, every single individual person on this earth will be stretched to their very limits at one point in their life to another.  So don't assume.  Don't stereotype.  Don't judge others.  You.  Don't.  Know.  Them.