Sunday, February 15, 2015


One of the things that comes along with little Emma's long thick tangles.  When other little babies move their heads from side to side in their cribs...they just rub bald spots on the backs of their heads.  Not Emma.  No bald spots for her.  Instead, we get a thick tangled mass of hair to work through every morning...and every afternoon after her long nap. 
So this is our little routine. 
I put her into her baby buggy...and get out the detangler spray and a comb...

And slowly make my way through the tangled mess of hair.  Look how long it is!  Crazy!

She is so patient with the whole's really amazing that she'll sit through it so good! 

The girls and I usually have a little fun with her hair while I'm at it.  We'll put little ponytails all over the top, or comb it straight up to see how long it is...or...

We give her the Justin Bieber side swipe...
She is too fun.

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