Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oh Yes...Yes I Did

Addyson has been getting into a lot of mischief lately.  Part of it is because I have been gone a lot and she has been left to the care of older siblings...and part of it is because she is an extremely busy little 2 year old who is having a blast "exploring" her world.  Well...I decided I needed to "get in the ball game" so to speak.  I knew I needed to do something that would keep her busy and happy and occupied inside the house without getting into trouble. 
So yes.  Yes, I did.  I made her her very own private ball-pit.
She plays in it.  She throws all of the balls out of it, and then throws all of the balls back into it.  She slides down into it over and over again.  She even takes "rests" in it with her favorite blankey.

She's not the only one who likes it.  I came downstairs to find Taylor home from ball practice lounging in it.  

So, of course, Addy had to join him. 
Yes, it gets messy with all 500 of those colorful balls all over the family room...but it's a more fun, and quicker and easier "mess" to clean up than say...flour?  Are you confused?  Just read the next post.

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