Sunday, February 15, 2015

100 Candles and Lots of Glitter

The 100th day of school was just about a week ago, and as tradition goes...the Kindergarteners bring 100 items to display for their class.  Well...Taylor brought mini-marshmallows, the "colored" kind.  Rachel brought fruit loops.  Brooklynn brought cheerios, and Matthew brought elbow macaroni.  Well, by the time you get to the 5th child...everything seems a little boring to this Lainah and I came up with something WAY different than any of her siblings!
The 100th day of school actually landed on Lainah's 6th birthday.  So, we decided to draw a huge birthday cake on a poster and put 100 candles on it.   

I drew the cake and pedestal and Lainah colored it all in with crayons, then we decorated it with glitter.  We made a good mess in the kitchen, and it turned out so cute!

Here it is before the candles. 
I had her arrange all of the candles on it first, then I started helping her to glue them on.  I don't know what I was thinking...Elmer's glue does NOT work on wax candles.  So the next morning when the glue was all dry, she was so excited and picked up her poster and they all started popping off.
hmm...not to worry!  This mom got out her trusty glue gun and we put those 100 candles right back onto that poster.  And that's where they stayed!  She was so proud and excited to bring her poster to school to show her teacher!  And now her poster is hanging up in the hallway at school. 
Another 100th day of school celebrated with success in the Thuernagle house!

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