Sunday, August 31, 2014

First Week Home

Emma's first week home was very quiet and peaceful.  I love having summer babies...our family schedule is at a minimum and so there's time to just enjoy our cute little one and rest!

Here she is just kicking around on her blankey...she is SO long!

Something that made our first week home so nice was that Rachel was home from school and could help me out with the other kids.  Here she is giving Addy a manicure.  What a great big sister she is!

The other thing that made our first week home so restful, was that grandma and grandpa came to visit for a few days!  They were amazing!  Grandpa helped motivate my kids to clean rooms, and organize dressers, he helped me get Taylor to and from summer training at the high school, and he went on bike rides and played catch, and watched movies with Lainah and Addy...and grandma spent time holding Emma, and reading books to the kids, and talking with me, and...being such a great sport and letting my girls give her a manicure too! 

Brooklynn chose a creamy yellow with white tips for Grandma's nails.  What a fun memory!

Everyone loves little Emma.  I don't think she was ever alone for a second, there was always someone holding her, or laying down right beside her.  She is such a sweet little spirit.

Here she is snuggled up in her bed...such a perfect little baby girl.

And on this afternoon, I think grandma held her for about three hours while she slept and slept and slept.  It was awesome.

Who says boys don't like to hold babies?  Taylor is so sweet with her.  Sometimes when she cries, he just swoops her into his arms, holds her close, and quietly talks to her.  I love it. 
During grandma and grandpa's visit, they brought birthday gifts for she is reading her new book about colors! 

Addy loves was the perfect gift.

All of us can't get over how cute all of Emma's hair is...and how long she is. 

Asleep again...babies are so beautiful when they're asleep.

What a lucky little girl to be snuggled all afternoon with grandma.
And grandpa had to have his turn too.

Matthew loves to hold Emma too.  He is a sweet big brother to her.

I was able to rest so much during these first few days home because of grandma and grandpa being was the most restful first week's home that I remember having!  It was so hard to see them leave to go back to Rigby!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Emma's first week at home flew by so quickly...I made sure to take the time to take pictures of all her little features that change so fast as she grows.  It's so easy to forget how tiny these little ones are at the beginning of life.  Here are a few of my favorite things about one week old baby Emma.
It's so sweet how she likes to be cuddled up into a little ball and how she makes little whimpering noises as she sleeps.

She looks bigger than she actually is in this picture.  I love how she's small enough to fit inside this little basket...and how as a newborn she'll stay asleep as I move her around and reposition her.

I love her beautiful rosy colored skin and her chubby little cheeks.  I love that she has lots of dark hair that I can style and brush.

I love her cute little fingers...they are long like mine...perhaps another pianist in the making.

I love how she sucks her bottom lip in while she's asleep...and could those chubby cheeks and little nose get any cuter?

I love tiny little baby ears...and the soft baby fuzz that covers a newborn's body...too precious.

I love how soft her skin is, and how sweet she smells.

I love her tiny little feet and cute little toes...

This picture cracks me up...she is so relaxed and completely comfortable snoozing in her basket.

I love that Emma is such a perfect mixture of our family's features...she reminds me of each one of our older six children...capturing features from each one of them.

I especially love how she grasps onto my fingers with her tiny little hand...completely helpless and completely trusting.

I love her beautiful fingernails...

Happy first week of life Emma! 

And stop growing so fast!  There's no hurry!