Friday, February 28, 2014

Needles Revisited

So I had an allergic reaction to the Lovenox injections and now I get to have my medication changed to Heparin injections.  I still have to inject myself each day to keep my blood clotting in check...except now?  Now I get to do it twice a day instead of just once!!!  And I get to have a blood draw at each appointment to check my platelet counts!  Hooray for me and needles!  I can see that by the end of this pregnancy we are going to be best friends.

On the flip side...because I had an allergic reaction, my Doctor needed me to come right in to do an ultrasound and other tests to make sure both myself and baby were okay.  We're both just great...but I got to find out whether it was a boy or girl a week earlier than planned!!  Looks like I'll be baking and coloring that surprise cake for the kids a week early...I'll post pictures of them slicing into it to see what color it will reveal.


I was reminiscing the other night about last summer's Oregon coast vacation we took as a family, and about how much fun we had together...stress-free, schedule-free...watching whales from our balcony, spending entire days strolling along the beach looking for shells or flying kites, and sleeping with the balcony doors open so we could hear the waves through the whole night., so, so relaxing just to think about it.
So I dug up this picture.  My favorite night of vacation, was the night that Andy and I put the younger kids to bed...the older kids were all set watching a we took a moonlit stroll all by ourselves. 
It was so gorgeous, and so romantic.  We took a picture of the "moonrise" along the water. I loved how there was a moonlit path leading from the beach  all the way out until the water met the sky.  Simply gorgeous.
Other favorite moments of the trip...smooching on the beach in front of the kids. (Thank you Tay for documenting that even after 6 kids we're still very much in love.)

And roasting marshmallows over a driftwood fire on the beach...
My idea of a perfectly perfect vacation.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

100th Day of School

I don't remember ever celebrating the 100th day of school when I was in Elementary.  I remember celebrating "CHRISTMAS" instead of "WINTER BREAK" and getting out for "Spud Harvest," and especially celebrating that last day of school...but don't remember the schools ever making a new holiday called the 100th day.  I'm thinking that since there are 180 days of school....that celebrating that 100th day is sort of like our Wednesdays being the "hump day" of the week.  It's like National Teacher's "Hey We Made it More than Halfway Through The Year" Day!!! 
So with Tay, Rachey, and Brooklynn we've picked up things from the grocery store like, multi-flavored marshmallows, pretzel sticks, and raisins.  They brought these as their snack to share.  Now this year was Matthew's turn.  He didn't want any of those "boring" things.  Nope.  He wanted to bring 100 snack chip packages.  I let him know that that wasn't going to work.  So the next thing he wanted to bring was 100 sugar cookies.  Um...I realized at this point that I'm really just a lazy mom...because I told him I didn't have time to make 100 sugar cookies.  So then he thought of 100 pizza slices.  Sheesh!!! 
We finally agreed on bringing 100 pieces of colored elbow macaroni to glue onto his poster...and for snack?  He ended up bring 100 cheerios.  Yes, cheerios. 
I tried things like crackers (of all variety), chocolate chips, raisins, fruit snacks, and pretzels...but nope.  If he couldn't have chips or sugar cookies or pizza HAD to be cheerios. 

Matthew is so awesome and still makes me laugh every single day.  Here he is modeling his amazing 100th day hat that he made.  What a cute little 1st grader. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sweet Dreams...

Last night, little Addy who is now 20 months old, took about 45 minutes to fall asleep.  She wasn't crying, or throwing any sort of fit.  In fact, it was one of the most entertaining 45 minutes I've had in a while!  I was sitting in my bedroom relaxing to a cup of hot cocoa and reading a book on my kindle when I heard her tiny little baby/toddler voice start singing. 
All of my older girls LOVE the movie Frozen, and sing the songs all the time!  Rachel can really sing "Let it Go!" pretty well, and sings it quite a bit.  Well, little Addy who is just starting to talk started singing it last night.  So just imagine, a tiny little voice who can't even say all the words singing...
"Let go!  Let Go!  (insert baby gibberish here)  Anyway!" 
She sang that line over and over while I put my book down and sat in my comfy chair listening and loving it with all my heart!  I didn't dare peek around the corner to see her because I didn't want her to stop!  Then, she went into something else.  Her two latest words are "yellow" pronounced "lellow" and "pink."  She knows these two colors now.  Last night she started singing...
"Lellow......PINK!!!  Lellow.....PINK!!!!  Lellow....PINK!!!" over and over and over.
Then she'd go right back into the Frozen song, and then back into her colors.  She was singing at the top of her little lungs...except for when she sang "lellow..." then she would get really soft, and then belt out "PINK!!!"  in a really loud and excited voice. 
I was seriously having silent laughing was just too funny.  Then, all of a sudden.  Silence.  No humming.  No singing.  No squeaking of crib or mattress.  Then I dared to peek.  She was laying down sideways in her crib with her cute chubby bare feet up on the siderails and arms flailed out to the sides, mouth halfway open.  She looked like she had fallen asleep mid "Let Go!"  Too funny.
Addyson 20 months
Before I thought of taking a picture to document this cuteness...I got her all straight in her crib and snuggled her up in her blankets.  But then I just had to sneak in and snap a picture so I would remember this night.  She is such a little sweetie!

Monday, February 24, 2014


I hate needles.  They scare me.  I can't stand the phrase, "just a little pinch."  All that means is yes, a little pinch...and then discomfort...sometimes stinging...and then for me, a lot of bruising.
In 2005, after Brooklynn was born premature, my doctor took a big blood draw and ran a bunch of tests.  The results were that I had a blood clotting disorder called Factor V, or the Leiden disorder.  This means that my blood hyperclots and that I need to take blood thinners in order to stay safe from clots that will go directly to my lungs causing a pulmonary embolism.  This clotting disorder is also lethal to my babies, and my first three, but especially Brooklynn, were literal miracles that they were born healthy and alive.  For the past 3 pregnancies, my doctor has been able to keep this condition in check with the use of daily aspirin...but with this baby it's been different.  This time he said the aspirin is no longer effective enough, and that I need to do a daily injection of Lovenox (a blood thinner.)
 So each morning, I get up and take out my trusty alcohol...clean an area, and then inject this medication subcutaneously somewhere in my tummy.  Not nice.  It stings as soon as it starts going in, and it stings and burns for a while afterward.  I bruise almost immediately.  Because it's subcutaneous, just underneath the skin, I also have to experience that wonderful sensation of sometimes hitting a blood vessel.  When this happens, a blue bubble immediately appears along with a sharp pain.  At this point, I have to remove the needle, blood follows and then I have to clean and start all over again in a different spot. 
 I have injected myself around 90 times so far...and will continue until 6 weeks after the pregnancy ends in July.  When I first started this, I made Andy do it for me...because he's used to giving people shots and I'm terrified of needles so the idea of doing this to myself was out of the question.  But sometimes schedules don't work out, and since I have to do it at the same time each day...then it became necessary for me to just get brave and do it.  The first time I almost passed out BEFORE I even had the needle in.  My hands were shaking, and I was completely terrified!  But now, 90 injections later...I'm getting to be a pro and although I hate it...I can do it.
But seriously...what a thing to wake up to in the morning!  Really makes it fun to "rise and shine."  I've had so many people say that the reason why I have so many kids is that I have easy pregnancies.  Sheesh...I could go on and on about all of the things that I deal with during my pregnancies but really, who wants to hear about all of that?  Which is why I don't usually complain or talk about the difficulties...which is why people assume that I have it easy.  The reality is...that I have a lot of kids because I KNOW that I was supposed to have these children.  If I would have stopped having kids when it got hard...I would have stopped with just the one.  Some things are just worth whatever it takes.  So here's to you, little one!!!  Mom's had to face one of her biggest fears and become a needle pro, just for YOU!  Can't wait to see you again in the ultrasound next week!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Does Smell Effect Taste?

Each year, our kids' elementary school has what they call the "Great Brain" night, where students can come and showcase a science project, a research project, or art work.  It does take a lot of time, but it's usually really fun to walk around and see all of the end results of student's and parent's hard work.
The 4th graders are required to complete a science project each year the week of Great of course a lot of 4th graders participate.  This year, Brooklynn decided to do an experiment to see how the sense of smell effects taste.
Here Brooklynn is at the Great Brain night setting up her powerpoint presentation.

She chose 4 foods that were similar in texture, but different in taste.  She chose chocolate pudding, mozzarella cheese, vanilla pudding, and sharp cheddar cheese.

Then, she had her 5 test subjects blindfolded and put nose plugs in...and gave them a sample of each food.  They had to taste it, and then tell her what the food was.
Test subject 1:  Taylor 13 yrs

Test subject 2:  Matthew 6 years

Test subject 3:  Lainah 5 years

Test subject 4:  Rachel 12 years

Test subject 5:  Andy 30 something.
 We made sure to give each test subject a new, clean pair of nose case you wondered.  Brooklynn had lots of fun administering the samples and writing down the data.  I had a blast filming and taking pictures.  It was actually pretty hilarious most of the time to see their reactions.

 Taylor's guesses...he was pretty close.  He couldn't tell the difference in the puddings, he said they tasted exactly the same.
 Matthew thought the chocolate pudding was honey...and the vanilla was strawberry yogurt.  Brooklynn and I were stifling giggles through his entire turn...especially when he named off the two cheeses.  I didn't even know he new about swiss or Colby jack cheeses.
 Lainah came next and she too couldn't tell the difference in the puddings OR the cheeses.  She said they tasted exactly the same. 
 Rachel was tied with Andy for correct guesses.  They both took a longer time holding the food in their mouths before swallowing.  They said that because you couldn't see it or smell took longer to figure out what you were tasting.
 And lastly, Andy's guesses.  Brooklynn and I were surprised when he guessed tapioca pudding because the pudding wasn't lumpy...that was interesting.
And here is  Brooklynn right before we had the first test subject come in.  Everyone had a clean spoon....and inbetween each taste they got a sip of water from their own water glass.  I was impressed on how thorough Brooklynn was in her preparation.  So overall, she found out that her hypothesis was correct, that the sense of smell does greatly effect our sense of taste.  The subjects were able to differentiate between textures pretty easily...but then it was really difficult to tell two different flavors of the same texture apart.

Great job Brooklynn!  Another year of Great Brain finished...and she got a perfect score from her teacher on her science project, all of her paperwork and her classroom presentation.  Way to go!


When I go shopping for a main a skirt or new dress, then it is inevitable that I will also buy at least one item to accessorize it with.  You know, like a scarf or a new necklace...or my trademark, a new bracelet!  Andy often chuckles at me about my need to have the perfect accessory to my outfits.  Well...guys aren't much different.  They too have a need to accessorize.  They just accessorize differently.
Our Yukon needed new tires pretty badly.  I was just thinking we were going to get the regulars from Costco...but then Andy let me know that a "big shipment" would be coming fedex in a few days.  I was thinking something dental-related.  I was wrong.  The FedEx guy pulls up and asks me if I'd like to open my garage for my new wheels.  I was a little shocked...but opened the garage and he proceeded to unload 4 new wheels.  Andy explained to me that he found them new on ebay...and they were the same cost as a set of tires so he bought them. 
Ya...they're shiny chrome.  I think he's excited.
He also let me know that because he didn't want the chrome wheels to look out of place, he went ahead and bought chrome door handles to match.  (ahem...accessories??)  I mean, what else would go better with chrome wheels than chrome handles?  He and Tay were pretty proud of themselves and they're hot new truck.
I let them glory for a while...but then reminded them that it's really my truck anyway.  See?  It even has my initials on it.  (In chrome I might add.)
In case you couldn't see my initials clearly's the closeup.  SLT=Sherrie Lorraine Thuernagle.  Oh ya....

Thanks guys...and by the way, I LOVE the new accessories.

Friday, February 21, 2014

About Jeans

I had a conversation yesterday morning with Lainah.  It went about like this.

Lainah:  Ugh....Mom, I think I need to unbutton these shorts, they're too tight on my tummy.
Mom:  Oh!  Well, let's just take them off and put them away for Addy, they must be too little!
Lainah:  No, they still fit me, they're just too tight in the waist.
Mom:  Well, when jeans or shorts are too tight on your waist, that means they're too small.
Lainah:  Not really though Mom, because I can still squeeze into them.

So I then proceeded to explain to her that just because you can physically make your body squeeze into something, it doesn't mean that it fits.  After a little while, she saw my point, we took her cute little jean shorts and put them away for Addy to wear in a couple of years.  Then I had a funny thought pop into my head. 

It went like this:

Dear American society, I would like you to know that I have now just taught my 5 year old daughter how to know when clothing really fits, and when it's just plain too tight.  So in a few years, there will be one less teenage girl....or in a few more years there will be one less woman in the world who is out there prancing around in jeans that were meant for a person several sizes smaller than themselves.  I mean come amount of glitter and glitz on back pockets changes the fact that your jeans are just way too tight for anyone's comfort!

Sometimes I make myself laugh.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Hope This Never Ends

Today I went to Taylor's 8th grade basketball game.  He played so hard, and had a great game!  After the game, I waited for him to change and come out of the locker room to see if he wanted to stay for the next game or come home with me.  As he came out of the locker room and went over to the stats table, I just had to make mental mention to myself of what a handsome kid he is.  He came out in his white shirt and tie, clean cut kid, and...there's just no other way to say it...he's handsome.

Taylor, October 2013
After he was done checking his stats, he came up to sit by me in the stands.  His peers his own age were sitting in a section to the right, including a large group of cute girls.  I always notice when I'm at his events that the girls watch him.  I know of a few secret admirers but I've been sworn to secrecy.
  He still seems to be oblivious to it, which I'm thankful for...but it's pretty cute nonetheless. So far, none of them have been brave enough to come talk to him when he's with me, which I think is funny.  However, he says that a lot of the girls tell him how pretty his mom is, which again, I think is cute. 

Anyway, he sat down and we were just talking about his game and laughing and having a great time.  Lainah was sick at home so I hadn't planned on staying at all, but it seemed like Tay wanted to talk about his day and his game so I stayed.  Sometimes you don't get to choose the moments when  your kids want to talk so as a parent you just have to watch for them and snatch them up as they come, convenient or not.  I sat with him for the first half of the second game and then said I needed to go...but before I left, Taylor put his arm around me and gave me a hug AND a kiss on the cheek and told me he loved me.  He escorted me down out of the bleachers and then he went back to the game.  It was one of those moments as a mom that I felt so thankful to have such a son.  I'm so proud of him and all of his many accomplishments and abilities, and hope that I can always be the type of mom that he's proud of too.  Proud enough that he doesn't try to hide the fact that I'm his and he's mine. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sunday Afternoon Drawing Contest

Five year old Lainah decided on Sunday that we needed to have a family drawing contest.  So anyone who wanted to join in could.  Brooklynn was busy working on some jewelry-making and chose to just watch.  Lainah decided that she would be the judge and would also tell us what to draw.  She told us there would be 4 pictures total.  Here they are:
 Matthew's tree
 Matthew's horse
 Matthew's ladybug
 and Matthew's sippy cup...and then his airplane that he just drew because he wanted to.
 Next we have Lainah's own artwork:  her horse, tree, sippy cup, and ladybug.  (Even though she was judging she said she had to draw too.)
 Rachel's:  horse, tree, ladybug, and sippy cup.
 Then Taylor's:  tree (that has something in it...maybe an owl?) his horse, ladybug, and sippycup.
 Next was Mom's:  horse, tree, ladybug, and sippycup.
and last but not least, Daddy's (Andy):  Sippycup, horse, ladybug, and tree. 
By the time we were done, we were all laughing at our own drawings, it was a blast.  Lainah just cracks me up with all of her fun and imaginative ideas.  By the time everyone was finished, she had forgotten all about the judging part and never did choose a winner!  Silly, silly girl!  Her little mind went right from the drawing contest to, "when are we going to make brownies?"  I like the way she thinks.

Was that Supposed to Come Out?

Saturday night, we were watching the Olympics as a family.  Taylor was sitting in front of me on the floor and I could see that he was working on something in his mouth.  I just thought he was biting his nails, which is a nasty nervous habit of his...
Tay's molar.
A few seconds before I was going to tell him to "stop biting"...he popped a tooth out of his mouth.  He turns around and says, "hey!  Look guys!"  I was pretty shocked because I didn't even realize his tooth was loose.  Andy, however, was classic.  He calmly looked at him and said, "boy...I sure do hope that one was supposed to come out."  Poor Tay looked pretty worried until Andy cracked a smile at which point we all laughed.  He even had me going this time.  What a stinker!

The next afternoon, I was getting dinner ready...and noticed this same yucky-looking molar sitting on top of my microwave.  Yuck!!!  I told Tay to remove his icky tooth and put it under his pillow like normal people.  He just grinned and said, "I wanted to make sure the tooth fairy noticed this one."  Sheesh.  I pointed out that this one had a small cavity in it's value was void.  So there.  I've picked up a few things by being the wife of a dentist. 

I Love to See the Temple...

I'm Going There Someday...
Rachel had her first temple trip last Thursday evening, February 13th, 2014.  What an exciting night for us and for her! 

We have taught her ever since she was a toddler the primary song, "I Love To See the Temple," we've shown her pictures of the beautiful rooms inside the temple and have explained to her all of the beautiful, sacred, and wonderful things that we get to do inside the temple, including getting married for time and for all of eternity.  We took her and all of our children to the Boise Temple open house a couple of times and had some very special experiences as an entire family as we sat together in the Celestial Room.  My girls were invited into the bride's rooms and were able to stand in front of the mirrors to see what it feels like to be a "princess" bride in the temple.  They still talk about that experience. 

So for Rachel's whole life we've been talking about the temple, teaching her about it, and preparing her to enter.  On Thursday night it was so wonderful for both of us to be with her as she entered it for the first time and to spend that evening with her and with Taylor.  (Tay had already gone inside before we could grab him for a picture!) 

I'm so proud of her for so many things, too many to list...but I'm so thankful that she has chosen to keep herself worthy to enter the Lord's Holy house on the earth.   She is such a loving, beautiful girl.  She has a light that shines in her eyes, and I know that she truly is a Daughter of God.  This night gave me a little glimpse of how amazing it is going to be to be there with her on her wedding day.   

I look forward to the day when each of my children are able to join us there...when we can fulfill the promise we made to each other the night of the open house when we sat together in the Celestial room and promised that we would all join there again in a few years. 

"I love to see the temple, I'm going there someday. 
To feel the Holy Spirit, to listen and to pray. 
For the temple is a house of God, a place of love and beauty. 
I'll prepare myself while I am young.  This is my sacred duty. 
I love to see the temple.  I'll go inside someday. 
I'll covenant with my Father;  I'll promise to obey. 
For the temple is a holy place where we are sealed together. 
As a child of God, I've learned this truth:  A family is forever."

( ~I Love To See the Temple, Primary Children's Songbook pg. 95)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Southwest Idaho Honor Choir

Rachel was chosen by her choir teacher to participate in the regional honor choir this year.  We were so excited for her because she loves to sing and perform.  She's been going to evening practices with a few of her friends for the past few weeks, and then working on her music at home as well.
 She did so good, the choir sounded beautiful, and it was so much fun to watch her perform.  For one of the numbers, she was chosen to be in a small group who performed a dance.  She had such a cute, beautiful smile on her face the whole time...we could tell that she was really enjoying the whole experience!
 They wouldn't let us take pictures during the performance,we only got 20 seconds in between numbers so I just had to stand up where I was sitting halfway back in the auditorium!  I was thankful for my camera and long lenses.  :)  Here she is with the treble choir.
 Here are the treble choir girls.  There was also a mixed choir, which these treble girls took part in during the last number. 
 Here Rachel is with the group from her school, East Valley Middle.  Her choir teacher is on the top left, Mr. Olsen.  He is so great and makes choir so fun.
And here she is right after the last number.  She's standing by two of her friends from East Valley, McCall and Lauren.  She had such a great time, and we were so glad that as a 6th grader she had this opportunity!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

There's a few things I've learned over the years, two of which are:  In Cleveland, Ohio between the months of October-May...if it is a bright sunny day...then you drop everything and go outside to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the wonderful weather.  In Nampa, Idaho between the months of November to March...if it snows?  Then you drop everything and go play in it because chances are...the snow will be gone within a couple of days.
It snowed Saturday.
So Addy jumped on the snowy trampoline.

And we built a snowman.  A huge ginormous snowman.
And Addy got sled rides from Rachel.
And Andy benchpressed the snowman's head.
Andy and Taylor proved their strength...
for a little while anyway...
thus the bench pressing of the head...
we learned about simple tools...using a ramp to build the body
Everybody helped in some way...
Lainah had to test out the view from way up there!
And there he is...our huge amazing snowman.  We named him "Ohuge" instead of "Olaf."  Complete with flower pot hat...plastic binoculars for eyes (my own personal touch there) and using Matthew's Army National Guard cup for a nose.  Oh, and Rachel's purple scarf.  Matthew was at a friend's birthday party so he missed out this time. 
It's now Sunday. 
The snowman's hat, binoculars, and nose have all fallen's all hunched over and will soon fall forward onto what used to be it's face.  :)  Its a good thing we went out and played in the snow while we had it...because it will be gone soon!