Monday, October 28, 2013

Andy's Birthday 2013

Saturday was Andy's birthday and he turned 39!  We had a great weekend, celebrating his special day!  We started out by doing a surprise part down at the dental office with his staff, Lainah, Addy & I...his staff toilet papered his office and got him a cake.  That night, I took Andy out for dinner and shopping to get a few things he had wanted...and then we had a little getaway!  Saturday morning we came home and had lunch with the kids, then went to the Linder Farms corn maze.  The kids did pedal tractor racing, played on the inflatable toys...and we also traversed the maze.  Taylor was our fearless leader and was amazing at following the maze map.  After the corn maze, we came home, changed into our Halloween costumes and went to the ward Halloween Carnival.  Andy was Wreck it Ralph, I was Fix it Felix, Lainah was "Glitch" or Vanellope van schweetz, Addy was Minnie Mouse, Brooklynn was Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter, Rachel was Van Helga the witch, and Taylor was Where's Waldo!  We went and partied for a while then came home to have a yummy blizzard ice cream cake with Andy before heading to bed.  What a full, busy, wonderful birthday weekend!  Happy Birthday Andy!