Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Matthew's Moments

Today I had a funny conversation with Matthew.  It went like this:

Matthew:  "Mom?  Um, when are you going to go to the store and buy me a police man costume?" 
Mom:  "Uh...why do you need a policeman costume?"
Matthew:  "So  I can put it on, and take my whistle (he's holding his coaching whistle) and go out on the road and stop the cars."
Mom:  "Oh!  (First reaction was complete laughter...then fear of the thought of him going out on our busy street.)  "Matthew, you know you can NEVER go out on that road, the cars go too fast and you would get hurt."
Matthew:  "Well Mom, police guys do it all the time, and all they need is their whistle."

At this point we went into a more lengthy discussion of why Matthew, a 4 year-old boy is not old enough or big enough yet to go out and stop cars like some policeman do.  Oh boy, the things he comes up with!  Every day he has a moment that goes something like this and it just makes me laugh.  He definitely keeps us on our toes!