Thursday, June 3, 2010

They're Growing Up

Boy, these past two weeks have been so crazy, and so fun-filled with all of the kids' end of the year activities. I think that Matthew and Lainah and I have spent more time in the van driving to and from activities than ever before! This school year has gone by so fast, it's so hard for me to believe that next year I'll have a 5th grader, a 3rd grader, and a 1st grader.

Rachey had an end of the year bbq at her teacher's house this week, and it was so fun to watch her socialize with all of her classmates, and help get Matthew's drink and plate, and mother little Lainah. She has grown up so much this year. It makes me happy and proud, and it also is a little sad to watch her grow up a little more each year. She does make me laugh though, she is the center of her class social atmosphere. It's interesting to listen to how many times her name is called by her classmates as she flits from one little group to the next. I love it, and I hope she holds onto that quality, of being able to include everyone, and make everyone feel important.

Taylor had a big end of the year party last night at his teacher's "house." His teacher's husband is a professor at NNU, and together they manage the Sophomore boys hall...NNU is out for the summer, so Mrs. Baas planned a big party at the dorm. So after school the 4th graders got on a bus and headed to the party. They had a water slide, lots of yummy food, watched a movie, played games...and when I went to pick Tay up at 9:30...they were all sprawled out on the lounge couches and all over the floor. They were in the middle of watching their class DVD, composed of pictures from the entire year and so it gave me time to just watch. Tay and two of his friends were lounging on one couch. He was in the middle. They looked so tired, but they were all three trying to not look tired, they were acting "so cool." It just cracked me up. I stood there and wondered if in a few years when Tay was at college, if he and his buddies would look just like what I saw last night, and be doing about the same thing. Just a bunch of good kids having a great time together.

Today Brooklynn graduated from Kindergarten. She could harldy wait to get ready for 1st grade tomorrow...but I let her know that she had summer vacation first. She was a little disappointed. I remember her 1st day of Kindergarten, and how small she looked in her big backpack as she turned around to wave at me one last time before going in. She's taller now, and her backpack fits like it should, and we had to buy her several new pairs of jeans along the way because she kept getting too tall for them...but she still seems too small to be a 1st grader. She reminded me of Andy last year at Dental School graduation. She held her head the exact same way, flipped her tassle out of her face the exact way that he did, and as she walked off, she looked back just the same as he did for that one last picture. That was so endearing to me, to see how many of her daddy's personality attributes she has inherited.

I'm a bit of a cry baby, I fully admit it. I've been told before that because I have "so many" children, I couldn't possible care for them and love them or value them individually the way that someone with only one child would. I am thankful every day that I was chosen and blessed by my Heavenly Father to be the mother of my five beautiful and wonderful children. I am also amazed at how I, an imperfect parent, does indeed have the ability to love and care for each of my little ones individually, and I strive every single day to give them each the attention, and love, and care that they need. It helps me to better understand how our own Father in Heaven, who is perfect, loves each of His many many children each as individuals.

So, they're growing up...and I am loving my role as cheerleader, pep talker, should-cryer, nurturer, fashion consultant, book reader, homework editor, friend, and mother.