Sunday, February 22, 2009

High School Tag

How fun Bridi! Thanks for tagging me on this one, it brought back a lot of memories! :)

4. WERE YOU A PARTY ANIMAL? I wasn't wild and crazy, but I was always out with friends
6. WERE YOU IN BAND, ORCHESTRA, OR CHOIR? Band until Sophomore year, and I made it into the audition choir, but then didn't have space in my schedule to do it.
10. CAN YOU STILL SING THE FIGHT SONG? Yes. How embarrassing.
11. WHO WERE YOUR FAVORITE TEACHERS? Coach Whit & "Major" Mr. Mitchell
12. WHERE DID YOU SIT FOR LUNCH? Most of the time I used my lunch period to do student council business, but when I did eat, I sat with my friends at the center round table in the commons.
15. WHO WAS HOMECOMING ROYALTY? I was Homecoming Queen, Ty Shippin King, court was Jill Collette and Kelly Burnside...and I can't remember the rest.
16. IF YOU COULD GO BACK AND DO IT AGAIN WOULD YOU? I had a blast in High School, and it would be fun to relive a few of those days just for the carefree nature of them...but no, I wouldn't ever go back to do it all over again.
17.WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER MOST ABOUT GRADUATION? Just all of the excitement, and a little sadness...and then the all night party!
18. WHERE DID YOU GO SENIOR SKIP DAY? We went to Lagoon for our Senior trip...I remember being threatened by "Lefty" (asst. principal) to have Sr. trip day cancelled if more than a certain number of our class skipped school on "senior skip" so I don't remember sluffing. . . on that day anyway. (giggling) I skipped a lot of afternoons, but my parents read this blog so that's enough info.
19. WERE YOU IN ANY CLUBS? Yes. Quite a few.
20. HAVE YOU GAINED SOME WEIGHT SINCE THEN? What a question! ahh...Yes. About 30 pounds.
21. WHO WAS YOUR PROM DATE? Matt Williams
22. ARE YOU PLANNING ON GOING TO YOUR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION? I hope to make it to the next one, I've missed the first two already! (Yes, I'm old...1995 grad)
23. DID YOU HAVE A JOB IN HIGH SCHOOL? yes. I worked summers at a department store called Lamonts.
26. WHAT WOULD YOU CONSIDER YOUR MOST FUN TIME? I can't choose just one. I loved being with my friends, whether that was rock climbing, snow mobiling, movies, dances, toilet papering, and I LOVED student council. I loved everything that we did, and being so involved in my school.
28. ANY LAST MEMORIES YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE? One of my funniest memories was from the "Kiss the Pig" assembly we did. We had 3 donation cans out in the main hallway for a week and the can with the most money had to kiss the pig. Our principal was one can, Mr. Schell (Chemistry)...and I can't remember the 3rd can...Lefty? Anyway, Mr. Schell and Dr. Wilcox (principal) tied. I was doing the announcing at this assembly, and we brought in this huge pig, the student body was roaring...anyway, I called out Dr. Wilcox and he was a good sport and kissed this gross pig on the snout, but Mr. Schell wouldn't come out. Well, I called for him over the microphone several times, thinking that maybe he didn't hear me or something, and then I made an excuse for him to help him save face. After the assembly, me and a couple of other student council members were cleaning up and putting sound equipment away, and we were headed toward the main hallway, it was lunch time, the halls were crowded...and then my memory goes into slow motion. The crowds part and this angry little man (who limps because he had polio as a kid) comes run-limping as fast as he can towards me, throws his arm out, points at me and yells "YOU!!!" Randall Raymond, Andrew South, and I have sound equipment in our arms, but it was tempting to drop it and run for my life. Anyway, Mr. Schell cussed me out in front of laughing students for "humiliating him" in front of the entire school. I was in shock and actually just stared at him open-mouthed. It was awesome. I'm actually laughing about it right now. That was an awesome day. I got so many high fives from everyone. The funny thing is, is that Mr. Schell was one of my favorite teachers, and I was actually one of his favorite I must have just caught him on a bad day.

Here's another good one. To any of you reading this who remember David Browning. :) He was a legend. My Junior year I was on the newspaper staff and we were working after school in the Mac lab...anyway, David, and Jordan, and a few of us changed the "beep" settings on the know, when you make a mistake and it goes "beep"? Well, we used the external microphone and programmed in a few colorful words and weird noises. Then we got back to work on the newspaper. When we left that evening, we forgot to change the settings back to normal. Well, our newspaper advisor, Mr. Beck, used the Mac lab to teach Journalistic English (a soph. level class) and that afternoon they had a big surprise when they went to use the computers. Mr. Beck was teaching them some new layout techniques, so they were all making A LOT of mistakes. We got in big trouble for that one...but just thinking about it has me laughing all over again!

I tag Kyla, Tacie, Ammie, Katie F., and Mohna!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lainah's 2nd Week in the World...

Lainey's 2nd week has been filled with lots of nap time, and lots of snuggle time with mom and with brothers and sisters. We did have to make one trip in to the preschool this week, and even though mom was careful to cover her completely, it didn't take long for teachers and friends to pull the blanket off "just for a peek." Brooklynn was so proud of her baby sister and wanted to show her off to everyone. Mommy was glad to make it back out to the van with relatively little contact! I know, paranoid...but it's cold and flu season!

Some things we've noticed about Lainey already...

She loves to be talked to, and if she could smile, she would! She gets this happy look on her face where her entire face just lights up and her dimples's so cute.

Her sneezes are the best. She puts her hands up by the sides of her face and does the complete "ahhhh....choo!!!" It's hilarious to hear that coming out of a tiny little baby.

She's starting to turn her head towards mommy when she hears mommy's voice. This morning, I was holding her while helping to get Brooklynn ready for church, and when I looked down she had picked her head up and was looking up at me. I was so impressed at how steady she held her head and how she was just watching me and listening to me. Ahh....moments like those melt mommy's heart.

Lainey likes mommy's electric blanket as much as Mommy. When I get her undressed to rub lotion on her, change her, brush her hair, etc...I put her on a blanket on top of my electric blanket set to medium. It keeps her nice and cozy while she's undressed and she loves it. She stays so nice and relaxed.

Lainey loves to be snuggled up into tight places, like her carseat...or someone's arms, or...the changing table part of her bassinet. Yep, that's right...the changing table. She actually hasn't ever slept in the real bassinet yet, it just seems too huge for her. She sleeps all nice and cuddled up in the changing station fits her just right.

She doesn't mind sleeping while Matthew "watches" her and Taylor watches Matthew.

Week two has been fun! She is a little sweetheart!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some Reasons Why I Love Our Little Matthew

Matthew is such a fun little guy. He is constantly making me laugh. He is always watching what Andy and I do, and tries to imitate us. He works on house projects, and is also working to perfect the culinary arts. I love how he'll let Andy bundle him up in a towel after a bath and rub lotion all over him. I think he's hilarious how he likes to run around in basketball underwear...even if the underwear is over his diaper. He likes being a big boy. I've noticed that before I went to the hospital, he never made any messes. Now...all he does is make messes. I don't think that he has changed, but that mom has become more stationary more often allowing for ample "mess-making time." I love how when Andy gives him a time out, he calls "Mommy? Mommy! Help!" until I come and talk to him about what he did wrong. And I love how when he gets caught doing something wrong he gets a little grin on his face and looks at me sideways. He's such a tease.
I love that instead of stuffed animals, he snuggles with his cars, trucks, or airplanes. I love that when I do the laundry, I often find little hotwheels in his pockets. I love that he is a good helper with baby Lainey. But most of all, I just love that he's my little guy and that I'm his Mommy.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Without Further Ado....

Lainah Lorraine Thuernagle!
Born Monday, February 2nd, 2009 at 12:48 a.m.

Weighing in at 6 pounds, 15 ounces and 20.5 inches long...and did we mention that she is the cutest thing ever!?!

So, last Sunday evening at around 11:30 I was casually dropping things into the hospital bag in preparation for my appointment to be induced the next morning at 6:00 am. Andy comes up to the bedroom and starts reading a book. He asks me if I'd like to have a blessing tonight or in the morning before we leave. I tell him that I'd rather have it tonight so that we aren't rushed in the morning.

About 11:40ish...Andy gives me a blessing. I finish packing hospital bag and get into bed. Andy is still reading. I have a very painful contraction and have to breath through it...yes ladies, one of those. To the men...nevermind. Hmm...I've been having these all day but this one was just around 12 minutes from the last one. "Oh well..." I think. I try to go to sleep. Eight minutes later, I have another one, just as painful. I tell Andy. Andy tells me to just try to go to sleep...he tells me I need my rest. (I'm laughing right now.) Four minutes later, I'm having another one. I get up and look at my watch. This is ridiculous. In just about 6 hours, I have an appointment to be induced, I have babysitters already arranged for the morning...what am I doing going into labor right now?

About 11:55...I tell Andy that we need to go to the hospital. He looks at me and says..."I don't want to...just try to go to sleep, we're going to be there in a few hours." I get up and start getting dressed and tell him to call somebody, we're going to the hospital right now. He must have seen the frantic look in my face because something clicked and he was up and on the phone. We called some awesome friends of ours and waited for them out in the car. They pulled up, and we left.

About 12:07...we arrive at hospital. Nurse asks me to rate my pain. I just look at her and tell her that I'm going to have my baby in a few minutes and to get me to the delivery room. Again, she must have seen that look in my eyes, because she didn't question me further. There wasn't time to admit me, there wasn't time for any pain meds, no epidural...this baby girl had waited long enough and she was coming...ready or not.
12:48...I was holding Lainah in my arms.
Her whole birth story brings a new meaning to the phrase "what a rush." Seriously...I thought it only happened that way in the movies.
But she is here, and we all love her so much. This was my hardest pregnancy by far, and I've been so anxious to finally meet this little one. She was well worth every day of pain that started at week 21. She is so loved by her siblings, they love holding her, and even little Matthew has mastered the word "cute" and says it all the time. "Cute baby Lainey."
A little tidbit about her name. I was named after my great grandmother, Olive Lorraine (Cluff) middle name is Lorraine. Growing up, I loved knowing that my middle name came from my great grandmother, and I loved reading about her in the family history binder that I received in high school. She was a great lady. I've kind of been waiting to pass the name on to one of our girls...and it just felt right that we give it to Lainah.
Sorry for the overload of pictures...but I think there are some anxious grandparents who want to see what their grand daughter looks here she is!
First few moments with Mommy. I actually wouldn't let them take her for quite a while. The weighing and measuring could wait.
Sucking her thumb...Mommy thinks it's cute...Daddy says we need to get her on a binki.

And here is her cute little foot escaping from the blanket.

Andy brought the kids in Monday night to visit and have our traditional ice cream party at the hospital. Matthew found some chips that Daddy had stashed in the suitcase, plopped down in the chair and started chomping. Brooklynn was so excited to hold her new baby sister. Rachel's turn...they all kept saying how cute she was. And Taylor doesn't seem to mind holding the baby...even if she is a girl instead of a boy. :) Dad, you'll like that he is wearing his compass around his neck. See the string? I thought it was so funny that he wore his compass to the hospital. Here are the kids looking at her tiny fingers.

I think that part of the nurses' training is how to swaddle babies. I can never get them swaddled like this!

Monday morning the sun came we took advantage of the rare winter sun.Tuesday morning we were able to come here she is...a little upset that Mommy took her warm blankets off in order to put her in her going home clothes.

And the going home clothes were way too always. :)

She is just so beautiful. She has dark, nearly black hair...same color as Mommy's (we'll see if it stays that way) and cute little dimples.

And here she is bundled up in her carseat. Funny to think that in just a few short months she'll be too big for this carseat that she's presently drowning in.

Grandma Ruth sent Lainey and Mommy and Daddy some flowers...they are beautiful!

And I'm thinking that Lainah will be the most spoiled of all...her two sisters would hold her all day if they could. There is a rule that the kids have to scrub their hands before holding her...we're going to run out of hand soap soon. I don't think I've ever seen my kids wash their hands so often!

Here's Rachey "watching" Lainah for me. I think she'd been home from school maybe 5 minutes? I just think it's so sweet how much they all love her. I hear stories of kids being jealous, and all the nurses were giving me free advice about buying presents for the older kids. kiddos just love her. Matthew I have to be careful with, because he tends to love a little to hard right now...but the older three are just so good with her!

I just don't think there's anything more beautiful or more sweet than a sleeping babe.

And I just have to say a big "Thank You" to all of our awesome friends out here in Cleveland who came over in the middle of the night, who watched kids during the day, who picked them up from school, dropped them off to school, made meals, took the kids on an outing, etc, etc. I love you all, and just couldn't have done this without you.

And a big "Thank You" to our family members and friends who live far away and sent cards and gifts in the mail, called, and said prayers in our behalf. We love you all and are thankful for each one of you!