Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Embarrassing Mom Moments

Over the 8 1/2 years that I've been a mom...I've had some pretty funny and/or embarrassing things happen to me. Enjoy.

When Rachey was 2, I was at a Young Women's presidency meeting. We had our table set up in the foyer right outside the gym, where all of our kids were busily and happily playing. My back was to the gym doors. All of us (there were 6 of us ladies there that day) were busy talking and planning when they all stopped and looked at me. They all had these absurdly amused looks on their faces. Ahem. I turn around, and out walks little Rachey. Completely naked except for her shoes. I jumped up and ran over to her and asked her where her clothes were and she just gestured towards the gym. I remember saying "We need to get your clothes back on young lady!" To which she responded in her cute little 2-yr old voice "No, I's NOT a lady!"

I was serving as primary pianist in the same ward, when Taylor was a brand new Sunbeam. They were doing a sharing time on how we can tell our Mother's love us, and were giving examples of all the many things that mom's do in the home. One little boy said that his mom fixes the holes in his socks. Immediately, Taylor takes off his left shoe and runs up to the front hopping on one foot so everyone can see his left foot and yells, "My mommy told me she doesn't have time to fix MY socks!" Mind you, his left foot was nearly hanging out of what was left of his sock. It was pretty bad, and everyone got a good laugh out of that one.

For Taylor's 100th day of school party in Kindergarten he was set on bringing 100 of the "flavored/multi-colored" marshmallows. We were here in Cleveland at the time...that's an important detail. So, we're in the grocery store and it's very busy, people everywhere...and I couldn't find any flavored marshmallows, only white ones. So, I ask Taylor if he'd be okay with just bringing the white ones instead. He tells me in a loud voice..."no Mom, I don't want the white ones, I want the colored ones." A few black people look over at me and I'm sure that I wasn't white anymore...I was red. We now make sure to call them "flavored" so as not to offend any racially sensitive shoppers. Good grief. Oh, and by the way, I want "white" marshmallows changed to "just plain old regular vanillay sugary flavored marshmallows" because "white" offends me.

Last winter I was picking up Rachey early from school and she was outside playing at recess. I was carrying Matthew, and had Brooklynn's hand while speed-walking across the freezing playground. I couldn't figure out why Brooklynn kept getting slower and slower until I looked down and saw that her pants had fallen down around her ankles and she was having to kind of hop-walk to keep up with me. And I thought I was cold!

Friday I took all 4 kids into the dental clinic so that Andy could clean their teeth. We were in there for 2 1/2 hours because Rachel had a cavity and Andy just did her filling while we were already in there. So, in the Peds/Ortho waiting room there are two signs that say "No food or drink in the waiting room please." Ya right. I had brought a little baggy of cut up apples for the kids to munch on. Brooklynn said she was starving, so I told her to go sit on a chair and I gave her a sweatshirt to put on her lap. Then, I told her that the sign says I can't give her any snacks, but if she's sneaky about it, she'd be okay. (I KNOW! TERRIBLE HUH!!!) Anyway, a few students that we know walked through and asked Brooklynn how she was doing, to which she replied "um. Good. I'm eating my apples but mommy told me to be sneaky so don't tell."

I was in a Relief Society presidency when Taylor was born, and my first week back to church I had to conduct. Andy was in the EQ presidency and he also had to conduct so I got the baby. Anyway, I was holding Taylor while in front of everyone and he had just eaten. He promptly spit up and then filled his diaper. I had on a white shirt, and let's just say I quickly finished the announcements and had to go home and change. From then on, Andy and I coordinated our conducting months so that we could take turns having the baby.

Again as primary pianist and Taylor as a Sunbeam, they were having a sharing time about Lehi's family's 8 year sojourn in the wilderness. The question was asked, "how many of you would like to go camping for 8 years?" Taylor excitedly shouts out "We've done that before, right before mommy had Rachel!" I just ducked down behind the piano and laughed and laughed and laughed. From that day forward, the sisters in Primary had a great time teasing me about being pregnant and eating raw meat in the wilderness for 8 years.

So, there are many others but these are a few of my favorites. Kids are so funny.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Leaves

So last week we took the kids out back and took pictures of them playing in the leaves...we've done this every year since we moved here...so I thought it'd be fun to start with a picture from '05 and let you all see how the kids have grown during our years here in Cleveland.

Fall '05
Rachel (3), Brooklynn (1), Taylor (5)

Fall '06

Rachel (4), Brooklynn (2)

Fall '07

Rachel (5), Taylor (7), Brooklynn (3), Matthew (9 mths)

Fall '08

Matthew (18 mths), Taylor (8), Rachel (6), Brooklynn (4)

Fall is my favorite season here in Ohio. I love the crispness that comes back to the air, and enjoy how comfortable the temperature is. I love wearing sweaters and boots, baking with apples, and watching all of the leaves turn colors. There is a huge maple tree at the corner of our street that is my absolute favorite tree of all...it's leaves are varigated when they turn...they're red on the top, and stay green on the bottom for a little longer so it just looks amazing. I'll have to snap a picture of it this week!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Real Manwich

Last week I made some homemade bread...and Andy came home from school and made a "snack" out of it.I should have taken pictures of him eating it. I had no idea his mouth could fit around something that large. My jaw would have locked into place and I would have ended up in the hospital! Hey. Apparently looking into people's problem-filled mouths all day can work up an appetite!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Sometimes, life takes you by surprise and makes your hair stand on end...
Sometimes it can throw you for a loop...

Sometimes you get stuck carrying all the load...

Sometimes you feel stuck in a box...

Sometimes it makes you feel like you're nearing spontaneous combustion...

Sometimes you get caught in tight places...
But it's okay...if we all work together...

It'll turn out all right in the end.

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just an Idea

I absolutely loved conference this year. One of my favorite talks was Pres. Uchtdorf's talk from the Relief Society broadcast. His focus on "creating" and how that was a celestial part of our natures made me feel like my love for creating things wasn't just a hobby...but something really and truly worthwhile! Hooray! But so many of the talks were focused on finding joy and having unity that I just felt like the entire weekend was one big re-energizing boost that I needed. And...as always, I came away thinking that I needed to step it up a bit in our home, that I needed to find ways to make the gospel more a part of who we are so that the kids are strong and so that their budding testimonies will continue to grow.

We already have family home evening once a week, and I don't think we could ever go without it...one of the kids would remind us for sure. But, I was trying to think of a way to make the topics that we teach about last a little longer in our home.

This is just a little something that I've tried and the kids have really liked it: I chose a very simple scripture that went along with our lesson topic. This month we're concentrating on "Keeping the Commandments" and so all of our lessons will focus around this theme. We also already do a scripture and a song each morning before family prayer...but the scriptures have been random. So, I decided to try combining the two to see if it would be more effective. In our home, it has been.

I printed out the scripture that correlates with our FHE theme for the month on a piece of cardstock and put it on display in the living room. Now the kids can see it all the time and remember what we talked about, and in the mornings we recite this scripture before singing our song. After only a few days, all of the kids have this scripture memorized: Proverbs 29:18 He that keepeth the law, happy is he." It is very short and very simple, yet it's something that they each have stuck in their heads now...to carry with them throughout the school day while they are out in the world and away from our home. And hopefully, just remembering this simple scripture will help them remember the stories and discussions we've had during our lessons.

So, I know that I have awesome talented friends who probably have these amazing ideas that they're doing in their homes...I would love to hear all of your ideas!!! Please share!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fun Photo Tag

Thanks Audrey! This was a fun one! :) Okay, so this picture is from my birthday this year in January! Andy bought me one of those fantastic strawberry cream cakes...so yummy.

Okay, so for this tag, you post the 4th picture from the 4th folder in your pictures file. :) I tag....Ashleigh Belnap, Mohna Thuernagle, Jenn McGregor, and...Kim Bell!!! Have fun!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Backyard Cookout

A few weeks ago was our ward campout. And...as luck would have it, I came down with the flu the day before and was not feeling up to camping. Boy are we so glad that we live where we do! We basically have our own campground right in our backyard. So, when Andy got home from school, we took the kids out back and they roasted hot dogs and cooked tin foil dinners while I just wrapped up and enjoyed watching them all. Those tin foil dinners looked so good, but I didn't feel good enough to eat anything...so I just watched and took pictures. :)

Brooklynn was so cute roasting (flame broiling) her hot dogs.

Matthew snuggling into his daddy...

Rachey roasting her hot dog

Tay and Rachey...enjoying their dinners on the trampoline

Andy and Matthew just relaxing by the fire...and drinking Root Beer.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Um...I Forgot...

Yesterday inbetween sessions of conference, I was doing some sewing downstairs. Matthew was napping, Andy was outside working on the Accord, and the other three kids were supposed to be playing in the back.

So, I'm busily working on my project when I hear the door open. Whoever opened it, opened it with great care and was obviously trying very hard to be as quiet as possible. I stopped sewing to listen...thinking that if they weren't charging into the house at top speed, then something was definitely up.

So, the unknown person softly closes the door behind them, and I hear them let out a big breath, pause a minute, and then walk quietly up the two stairs leading into the kitchen. They only made one squeak on the stairs, which is saying something. They enter the kitchen, take a few steps and then pause again. I hear another big breath, and then the fridge door opens.

Here there is a long pause, and I hear what I assume to be the produce drawer open and then close, then another pause and a big breath. The fridge door closes. Then I hear the freezer door open. Now there is another pause...and then I hear this in a quiet whisper. "Oh...they're too high!" A big pause, and then a long sigh. The freezer door closes. (So, at this point, I have my hand over my mouth to try and stifle my giggles.)

Now the person takes another few steps, and then jumps onto the cabinet. After the jump a long pause and breath. (Obviously, this person knows Mom is somewhere in the house, and after each movement is trying very hard to determine whether or not they've been found out and if it's time for a quick getaway.) After the pause, I hear the cookie jar lid come off quietly and then I hear this...again in a quiet whisper. "Oh...they're all gone!"

Well, while they were up on the cabinet, they decided to look into the upper cupboard where baking supplies are kept. And I hear this. "Oh! There's some chocolate chips!" Now, this whisper was quiet, but it was apparent that their excitement was getting the better of them, because it was a lot more audible than the last few whispers.

So, I hear rummaging in the chocolate chip bag (all the time, I'm just down there laughing)and then they jump down, ready to go outside. So...at this point, I call upstairs and ask "Who is that up there?"
No response.
Absolute silence.
Not a sound, no squeaking of floors, no breathing.

So I call again, "Who is that up in the kitchen?"

Again silence.
No breathing.

One more time, I call, "Who's in my kitchen?"

Finally, I get a huge breath (I think she was holding her breath the whole time and only responded because she had to breathe.) and this is the response I get...

Brooklynn's little sheepish voice calls down and says,

"I forgot my name Mom!"

Then she bolts out the side door and out to the back yard to play.