Wednesday, February 27, 2008

School's Cancelled!

At 6:00 a.m., we received a phone call from the superintendent saying that school was cancelled due to dangerous weather conditions. Hooray! So, after we all slept in, this is what we did in that "dangerous weather"! Andy even got to stay home because this week he is on sealant duty, which means that he's on a team of students who go to Cleveland City school district schools and do sealants. Well, if the schools are closed...then Daddy gets to stay home too. He definitely won the lottery on sealant duty week. (Sorry to all of the rest of you who had to go in to class and clinic.) Whoo hoo!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Little Bit of Sun in Cleveland

Here in Cleveland, the sun gets very shy around mid-October and has a hard time showing it's pretty shining face until Mid-March, Aprilish. When we moved here, I had heard about the "hard winters" that Cleveland has. Our first winter, I thought, "WHAT?!? These people are crazy!" The temps are mild for winter, and not much snow compared to where I'm from. This is our third winter here, and I still say that the temps are very mild compared to Idaho, and as for snowfall...sure, it puts it down pretty fast at times, but it usually melts off within a few days so it's no big deal. The thing that really gets me though, is the lack of sunshine. Give me those cold, crisp winter days in Idaho where it's so cold that it burns your nose when you breathe...give me those days anytime, because with them comes the bright sunshine as well.

Well, in light (or lack of) of our dreary winter months, our Primary Presidency had a brilliant idea to have our winter primary activity a summer theme. The kids were told to wear their shorts, t-shirts, swimsuits, sun glasses...whatever! It was great, the kids loved it...they all wore their swimsuits, and I even dug out my capris and espadrilles for the occasion. Thanks Mayfield ward Primary! You're awesome!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Did McCain Call?

Okay, so I'm ticked off.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Your name is what?

So, living in Ohio during election times can get pretty interesting. Out in Idaho, I never had a presidential candidate call me on the phone.

Last night after dinner, the phone rings and I answer it. This is what I hear. "Hello, this is Hilary Clinton"...then a long pause. "WHAT??" (so, I don't say this out loud, but during that split second pause my brain goes into overdrive. ) This is the thought process: Hilary Clinton calling me? Why would she call me, I don't even like her. Well, whatever she has to say, it's not going to effect my vote. I'm too busy to talk to some stupid poll person posing as Hilary Clinton. Gosh, living in Ohio is so annoying, leave me alone!

Then, the message continues, "I'm calling you because ...blah blah, blah blah blah blah...." (brain says: duh. it's a message.)

Tonight after dinner, the phone rings. I answer it. This time...yes, you guessed it. It's Obama! But, of course, now I'm an old pro at these campaign messages and my brain just shuts off. What does this say about my political prowess??

Tomorrow, if McCain doesn't call me, I'm going to be SO ticked off.

Cat Nap

So, last night, I opened up the bathroom linen closet to grab a washrag, and this is what I found. As you can tell by the look on Sir Zippy's face...he was quite annoyed that I had been so thoughtless as to interrupt his moment of peace and quiet.

Not only that, but I had the audacity to quickly grab my camera and further disgrace him by taking pictures!

That was it, the last straw. He was "out of there!" Off to search for another warm, soft, and quiet place to rest and hide from the troops.

I still have no idea how he had gotten up into that shelf with the door closed. This linen closet happens to be the "secret passageway" inbetween the main floor bath and the girls' room linen closet. The lower shelf is open to both rooms...but I still can't figure out how he jumped up into that little space with the door being closed.


Monday, February 18, 2008

A little change

So, I was starting to see spots in my vision. Gone away are the to stay (at least for a while) is a nice simple, easy to look at format.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

And Then I Woke Up...

Have you ever had one of those dreams that is so real, that every sense tells you that you're really there, that it's really happening?
Okay, I had one last night. I fell asleep, and woke my old home in was morning, and I came down the hallway into my kitchen and was trying to think of what to fix everyone for breakfast. Weird. I remember thinking that waffles sounded good, but wasn't sure if I had any blueberries in the freezer to add into the batter.

Then, I heard Taylor getting up and turned around expecting my little 18 month old baby Taylor to be coming out of his room and instead was this HUGE boy! What? Where did that come from??
But, of course, I immediately knew it was Taylor and that I needed to get him ready for school. Then I realized that he didn't need to ride a bus anymore, because I was in the Idaho house which was right across the street from the Elementary school and I was elated! I was so excited to be able to walk him across the street and spy on him during recess!

Just when I was about ready to get started on those waffles, Andy called to me from his office downstairs saying that he was late getting out to work and had I seen his laptop anywhere? So, I ran downstairs to get his laptop out of my sewing room at the end of the hallway. I knew that I had used it the night before while working on Rachey's quilt. Why? I have no idea but it did make sense in the dream. So, as I ran past his office, I told him I'd grab the laptop. I ran down this hallway to my sewing room, which is the last door on the right...and opened the door....

AND THEN I WOKE UP. AHH!!!!!!! Matthew was crying. Not even fair. I was going to be in my sewing room again. And, try as I would to get back to that brain simply and smugly refused to let me. So frustrating.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's Out!

Taylor has reached yet another milestone in his life. He lost his first tooth last Sunday, the 3rd of February! It has been very loose for a couple of weeks, and Tay has been so excited for it to come out so that he could leave it under his pillow for the tooth fairy. Well, I came upstairs and found him and Andy in the office conspiring...apparently Andy was excited for it to come out as well. He put some baby orajel on Tay's gum to numb it up a bit (nice gesture), and then pulled it out. WHATEVER! I am a "let it come out on it's own" type of person, I never let my dad touch my teeth, I worked them out on my I had to leave the room. But the boys were very happy. :) I told Andy that if he was that excited about pulling teeth, he should just put in a few hours down at the free clinic...there are lots of extractions down there. :)

And here he is, as proud as can be. We told him that because his tooth didn't have any cavities, that the tooth fairy might give him a little extra, so he was elated.

I gave him a little bag to put his tooth in and told him to keep it safe under his pillow that night. the middle of the night when the lovely tooth fairy came tiptoeing into his room to make the exchange...she found that not only was the bag safely under his pillow, but that his fist was tightly gripping it as well. There was no way anybody was going to steal his tooth!

Lucky for him that our tooth fairy is so very talented. :) It took a great deal of stealth, and stifling of giggles (fairies laugh too much I think) and a couple moments of stopping in the middle of the exchange to hold her breath and keep absolutely still...but she finally did it. A new tooth for 50 cents.



Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's Just What Boys Do...

Tools. Hammers. Screwdrivers. Wood. Nails. Screws. Nuts? No, that's just what boys do.

In trying to help Taylor organize his closet a little better, I bought him a shelf and had planned on putting it together myself, but he wanted to do it, so I let him. Well, as soon as he started, Matthew had to go help, he was right in there grabbing screwdrivers, and the screws as fast as he could find them. (Excuse the mess...)

I was pretty proud of him, he put the entire thing together all on his own, with only a few suggestions. kept him busy for about 45 minutes. hmm...I think I'll put these shelves into all of our closets...anyone else need a new shelf put together?

Okay, so Matthew deserted Tay when he was nearly done. But here is Tay with his new shoe shelf. We put it into his closet and he immediately organized all of his shoes (3 pair, he IS a boy) and put his Magic Treehouse books on it, and then started unloading his dresser drawers and putting everything on this shelf.

Um. A little overboard. But hey, it DID keep him busy. :) Now, everything is back in it's place...except I let him keep his books with his shoes. There must be some logic in that somewhere. know, "Step into Reading" (chuckle)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Then...and Now

Okay, I'm thinking that all of you Thuernagle siblings just might enjoy this one. :) Here is Andy in front of the house in Clairton, PA (Pittsburgh) when he was about 8 or 9. He says this picture was taken the day that you moved to Idaho let's see that puts it somewhere around 1984-85ish. (Oh...check out his foot...just curious, has Andy's shoe size EVER been less than 14?)
And here is the Clairton house two summers ago in '06 (nearly 20 years later). We spent a week in PA at some condos with my parents, and took a day down in Pittsburgh to tour Andy's childhood days. We found the house first...and he told us all sorts of stories about everyone! It was so fun! He took us around the neighborhood and showed us the houses of his friends. And we knocked on the door, but no one was we took the liberty of walking around the yard and taking pictures of different things that Andy remembered. The whole time, I was just waiting for a police car to show up and arrest us for trespassing or something. :)

So, this is a picture of the retaining wall where Andy used to hang out with his friends. He remembers that when his mom would call him in for dinner or to do chores, or whatever...that he would hide behind the wall. He said that he would just stay there and peek through the wall and watch, and said that sometimes he would pretend that he was in a fort in the woods...anyway, he said it really ticked off Mom T. hmm....I wonder why?Here is the infamous "Stilley" sign. Leading up to this sign is a big hill, and Andy told us about a time when he and Oliver were riding bikes down the hill. (Really, it sounded like Andy baited Oliver into a race down the hill) anyway, he said that Oliver fell down and was hurt pretty badly, cut his head open. The thing Andy remembers the most is that he had to leave Oliver there and ride home to tell everyone that he was hurt. Oliver, I think that he feels bad now that he's seen the hill again. :) Hey...come to think of it, my really bad mountain biking accident that left me all torn up and bloody was from racing Andy down a hill as well. Lesson: don't race Andy down hills on bikes. You'll lose. I had to throw this picture in, even though they're far away. This Elementary school houses a lot of "fond" memories for Andy. :) He was looking into the windows at the principal's office, and talking about all the things he used to do. The school is right near a wooded hill, and he showed me where the kids "weren't supposed to go", but where he would go to get lost balls, chase squirrels, etc. All I have to say is "it explains a lot". Enough said.

So...there you go Thuernagle siblings! A little trip down memory lane! I have a large file of pictures that I'll get sent out to you with our whole trip. We have pictures of Pitt's nuclear site where your dad worked...and where my dad works when he's in Pittsburgh for business, (that was another area where I was a little bit nervous about doing drive-bys with cameras out the window. I was expecting the tanks and helicopters to come out and get me at any moment.)

Okay...I couldn't resist putting this picture on. We spent a couple of days hiking in the woods near the condos, and I loved it. I could hike in those woods forever, they are so beautiful, and shaded...and I love the leaves and all the little animals and deer everywhere. BUT...the kids were getting tired, so I made them a deal. The trails were marked with different colors of spray paint on the trees. I told the kids that we would turn around at the 10th tree. WOW!!! The attitude shift was a miracle! Why can't homework pages be color-coded? Anyway, the 10th tree was such a hit, that I had to get a picture of all of them touching it...even little Brooklynn, who at that time was only 22 months old. My kids don't know how lucky they are. I, at least, was asking them to hike in a beautiful wooded area where it wasn't scorching hot from unshaded sun, and where there were little creeks to play in on the way. I remember a vacation when I was about 13 when us kids had to hike miles upon miles through the "Petrified National Forest" in New Mexico's 114 degree weather. When you've seen one piece of dead wood've seen them all. :) (giggle) Enough said.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Better Late Than Never!

Okay, so Christmas has come and gone...but hey! That's okay! A fun thing that I enjoy doing is making these stockings for my family. For our first Christmas in '98, I made Andy a "Rustic Santa"'s santa in the woods, and mine was three mittens with candy canes. (The kids eat the candy canes every year.) So, when Taylor came, his was a train loaded with Christmas goodies, Rachey's is a cute snowman, and Brooklynn's is a teddy bear wearing a Santa hat and holding some Christmas ornaments. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do for Matthew...but this is what I finally came up with! These stockings take a little while because they are all hand-stitched...but I love how they turn out. Now I just need to get started on that tree skirt....